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Aaron Horkey

Aaron Horkey was birthed and reared in Windom, Minnesota, in the heart of the Rural Midwest. Key personality traits include debilitating social ineptitude and a perverse attention to detail. Enjoys desolation, megafauna and transplanting sumacs. Currently ensconced in a bucolic whistlestop just west of the Mississippi, he whiles away the hours staring at his chore list and cultivating ulcers. He is the sole survivor of the Black Osprey Dead Arts Society and founding member of the Cottonwood County Druids Skateboard Gang.

Previous clients include INIT Records, Flip Skateboards, Playge, ISIS, Converge, Neurosis, Boris, Andrew Bird, Grails, Genghis Tron, Spitfire Wheels, Fat Possum Records, Deathwish INC, Hydra Head Records, Bruce Horkey’s Wood and Parts, Big Brain Comics, Flight of the Conchords, Mogwai, Ride Snowboards, Magic Bullet Records, Khanate and 420X10 Records. Published in the following periodicals: Thrasher, Concussion, Sea of Seed, Color, Monster Children, Juxtapoz, Ollie, Free & Easy and Low.



Place of Birth:

The Rural Midwest

Currently Living in:

The Rural Midwest

Train, bus, bike, or other:


What's the most important object in your studio?

Stereo receiver.

Paper or Plastic?

Brought my own.

If you could resurrect one no longer living person to have lunch with, knowing you will have to return them to the grave right after coffee, who would it be?

Clark Cone.

Preferred method of dealing with an encounter with an acquaintance whose name you can't remember.


Favourite client so far?


Favourite imaginary client?


How does your mother describe your profession?


Coffee or tea?


What's your earliest drawing memory?

On the floor.

How do you prefer to spend your mornings?

Among the highest levels of stress I can withstand.