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Put your excitement pants on people, because it’s that time again. What time? Call and response time. Nah, just joshing. It’s the time when we welcome a fresh batch of cheese supreme talents to the Jacky Winter nest. Oh man, we already have to change our pants. Ok, concentrate! As you can probably tell, Jacky Winter are extremely pleased to welcome five incredible new talents to the Jacky Winter fold. The Jacky Winter roster is saying hello to the lovely Allison Colpoys and MaricorMaricar, The Hatch is positively blooming thanks to Eirian Chapman and Steph Hughes, and Bob Shields is partying down with The Bowery. AHHH excitement panic attack explosion surprise! Alright, time to simmer down and tell you all about them.

First up, we have the delightful Allison Colpoys. What’s her story? Well, it all started with a Multimedia degree. While Allison was swimming in a world of movement, she fell in love with typography and illustration. She soon dived into the world of print and publishing, conquering Simon & Schuster in London and Morrison Media up north, followed by a large stint at Penguin Books Australia. If you have fallen dangerously in love with a book cover over the last 4 years, chances are that Allison designed and illustrated it. Although book covers are her spiritual home, Allison’s talent for warm, expressive illustration is just too darn good to be confined to that space. She’s ready to be unleashed, and there’s nothing we can do to stop it.

While Allison’s totem animal is hiding in a book cover, MaricorMaricar’s is slinking through a world of thread and paper. The Sydney superstars are a twin sister duo who specialise in handcrafting intricate and detailed type and illustration using the two aforementioned materials. Often whimsical, sometimes tongue in cheek, MaricorMaricar are obsessed with colour and patterns and hunt them down everywhere. They’ve racked up a client list that includes the likes of WIRED UK, ESPN Magazine, Esquire, Unicef, SBS and Universal Music. All things considered, we’re not surprised. This pair can certainly do things with thread that will make your grandmother flushed with envy.

Joining a stellar group of hatchlings is the exquisitely named Eirian Chapman. Now, we know it ain’t hip to say things are hip, but Eirian’s illustrations are seriously hipper than a hungover hipster. Just look at all these delicious vector textures and tones! Eirian’s jewel encrusted illustrations are influenced by her design background and unrivaled fascination with shapes and colour. When not drawing sexy geometric ladies, she also likes to create elaborate hair combs for make-believe characters. With this much loveliness, it seems natural that she’s illustrated for clients such as Oglivy & Mather Singapore, Tank Design, Story Communications and Poketo. Just like those folks, we fully encourage you to jump on the Eirian Chapman train of love. Woo, woo!

Speaking of love, we have found a new one, and her name is Steph Hughes. Her right hand is famous. Why, you ask? Because as it’s her drawing hand, it is comparatively much larger than her left. Steph attributes this to years of creating chaotic and intricate line drawings, which range from bustling suburbs and long faces, to geographically questionable maps. It all spawned from her obsession with making gig posters for her 300 bands, and now she finds herself illustrating for people such as the Human Rights Arts & Film Festival, Golden Plains and ABC. Speaking of which, if her name sounds familiar, it’s probably because Steph has a double life Triple J presenter.

Last but certainly not least, we’d like to welcome Bob Shields into The Bowery. We can officially close submissions for the ‘nicest guy on earth’ competition, because we have our man. This very lovely illustrator can not only wield ink and pencil like an absolute champion, he has the ability to make you feel warmer than a baked bean toastie. With extensive experience as a freelance artist within the advertising and graphic design industries, Bob is the kind of guy you can trust to make your ideas come to life. Bob’s fun fact for the day is that at the comparatively late age of 27, he left his safe-but-boring career as a buyer in the frozen food industry for a bit of illustration romance. Best decision ever.

To learn more about this crazy-amazing group, be sure to have a look at their artist portfolios in full.

Images from top: Allison ColpoysMaricorMaricarEirian ChapmanSteph Hughes and Bob Shields.

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