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SEA represents an Australian Onshore roster and an international Offshore roster of uniquely talented photographers covering a diverse range of styles. We work closely with our artists to assist them in successfully developing their work both creatively and commercially, recognising their need to balance the production and promotion of innovative personal projects with paid commissions.

SEA was established by Sarah Ewing in December 2010. Her concept was to create an agency capable of supporting artists through a collaborative approach and to contribute to the creative industry worldwide. Sarah is international in her mindset and SEA’s roster expands across Melbourne, Sydney, London and New York. From major advertising campaigns and editorial commissions to artistic and personal conceptions, each artist is driven to continuously create new and exciting work. In 2013 SEA became the home for photography at the Jacky Winter Group.

Sarah Ewing

Sarah Ewing is the director of SEA and manages our photography roster. After studying photography at RMIT, she spent the next five years working in London’s photographic industry, where she developed her own working style and an eye for the type of photography she felt strongly about representing. Sarah’s concept was to a create an agency capable of supporting artists through a collaborative approach. As SEA begins its third year, the agency proudly represents an Australian ‘Onshore’ and an international ‘Offshore’ roster of incredibly talented artists specialising in a diverse range of styles. Sarah has a huge admiration for photographers and it is with great pleasure and satisfaction that she works closely with them.

James Mauger

A native of New Zealand, James moved to Melbourne to study in the BA Photography program at RMIT. The subsequent four years he spent crafting moving images, and after a brief stint as a retoucher, turned his attentions to photographic production.

James is committed to helping foster the creative talents of the photographic roster through the production of electric visual media, with any extra hours spent reading history and making monster mixes

Jeremy Wortsman

Jeremy is the director of The Jacky Winter Group and manages the foundations of every resource an artist could possibly need. Jeremy acts as a public ambassador for the agency, and always seeks to raise the profile of our represented artists through a variety of personal and professional events and projects. At the same time, he continues to actively develop the infrastructure, systems and marketing materials that have grown Jacky Winter into the leading agency that it is today.

Shena Jamieson

Acting as both the face and voice of JWHQ and the gallery manager of Lamington Drive, Shena draws upon her studies in Art History and years of dedicated service at Gertrude Contemporary, Centre for Contemporary Photography and Right Angle Studio. Before joining the JW family, Shena did a stint at Hong Kong gallery, 10 Chancery Lane. She is passionate about contemporary art and enjoys working with our artists to plan and deliver exhibitions at Lamington Drive. In her spare time she writes, curates, practices yoga and loves camping. In addition to ensuring that our operation is running smoother than a Swiss watch, Shena also happens to be one of the most excellent human beings we have ever known.

Discuss our photographers or send us a brief

We love talking about photography! We work closely with all our photographers so we know what they’re working on and when they are available to work for you.
Our newly revamped artist pages have been specifically designed to showcase the best of their signature style and specialties. There is a huge diversity in aesthetic that our onshore and offshore rosters are able to achieve, so if you can’t find what you’re looking for in our online or print folios, please get in touch as we have much more out back in our virtual stockroom.

Receive a quote

Detailed information on how we cost jobs can be found here. Once we’ve discussed your brief, we’ll put an estimate together that will show you how we will complete the job and all the costs involved.
Our photographers will often chime in here too and share their approach to the proposed idea. They will also supply an image or written treatment if requested.

Our production process

We are a fully serviced production company and manage every aspect of shoot production and coordination from beginning to end and anything in-between. We work with a network of professionals across the globe to support our photographers and clients in their commercial projects. Once an estimate is approved and the photographer is fully briefed – either on the phone or in a personal meeting – the fun begins! We believe in a ‘make it work’ approach and will handle all your job requirements from studio and equipment hire, location scouting and management, catering and sourcing talent to name a few. We have a branch, The Twitchery, which focuses on production and behind the scenes talent, representing crew and digital craftsman, so depending on the brief, we may introduce you to some of our team here. We like to think of ourselves as a creative translator – we work alongside you and the photographer throughout this process to ensure everyone has exactly what they need to complete the job.

The shoot

It’s most likely someone from your side will be present on the shoot working alongside our photographer and crew. We’re there too, even if you can’t see us! We oversea all our shoot schedules and will tell you exactly what’s happening, where it’s happening and when. We are proud to say that our photographers are simply lovely and at their happiest when they are creating images. We are certain you will enjoy yourself on one of our shoots.

Editing and proofing

After the shoot, the photographer will edit the shots and prepare a selection for you meeting the expectations set in the briefing stages. From here you will make your final selections. Depending on the requirements on the brief, there may also be a series retouching proofs to sign off before the final artwork is complete.

Final artwork

When everyone is satisfied with the image selections the green light will be given to go to final art. Once final art is supplied, no more bets! (In some cases minor tweaks can be made). Final art is supplied digitally – either on file transfer service or FTP.

Show us the money

When everyone is happy, an invoice will be raised and emailed to you which acts as your license. Please note that usage rights are not transferred until an invoice is settled. We are very much aware of the small gnome who haunts offices and hides our invoices and odd socks in a shallow burrow, and are working day and night on his extermination.

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