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Who is Jacky Winter?

Jacky Winter is not just a person who actually doesn’t exist, or a bird from the Petroicidae family. We are a unique creative services agency with our roots in specialist production. What started off as a motley crew of twelve illustrators and one lone expat in his bedroom has evolved into one of Australia’s most respected creative forces.

Jacky Winter currently represents over one hundred diverse image-makers and unites them with a whip-smart production team who have the skills, experience and vision to bring any idea to life.

We’d like to take a moment to reintroduce ourselves to show just how far we’ve come, and how far we’re willing to go in order to make great things happen.

Jacky Winter Says Let's Dance

Jacky Winter’s stable of image-makers combined with its skilful in-house production team can gallantly waltz you through all aspects of any creative commission. We bring the right resources to the table to ensure each and every element of a brief happens how and when it’s meant to.

More about Production

H2GO bottle design by Steve Scott

P&O Pop Up design by Travis Price

(Printing by The Hungry Workshop)

Boral cement truck wrap by Karl Kwasny

Jacky Winter Presses the Flesh

Our artists consistently deliver great work in studios but they also shine bright in the flesh. Whether you are looking for a brand ambassador or a ‘graphic recorder’, our production team can offer a range of services spanning Live Talent Management to In-House Placements.

More about In-person

In-house illustrations by Jeremy Ley for Deloitte

Illustration with hair dye by Emma Leonard for Goldwell

Hand-painted signs by Gemma O'Brien for Kirin

Jacky Winter Spruces Up the Place

Creatives from global architecture firms to local café owners have looked to Jacky Winter to create meaningful and purposeful environments for commercial, residential, retail, office or hospitality spaces, and know that repurposed environments increase engagement and drive business.

More about Environmental

WBYK for Billie Chu restaurant

(Photography by Michael Kai)

Volcom Art Loft mural by Gemma O'Brien

Willow Road restaurant mural by James Gulliver Hancock

Jacky Winter Pulls a Crowd

We’re really, really good at bringing artists and clients together on briefs as well as connecting them in real life. It’s a natural extension of what we do in terms of production: guiding our artists, clients and skills away from computer screens and into the three-dimensional world.

More about Events

Opening night of Oslo Davis - 'As If' at Lamington Drive

Madeleine Stamer painting live at Field Trip Melbourne 2013

(Photograph by Mark Lobo /

True Self 2013 exhibition at Melbourne's GPO

Jacky Winter Makes Things Move

Name any single one of our artists, and we can put their work into motion with Flutter. A full-service production house like no other, Flutter boasts an award-winning animation and motion design team with the capacity to bring any idea to life.

More about Animation

Still from 'How to Drink Properly'

Illustrations by Pete McDonald and Guy Shield for Drinkwise Australia

Still from 'Connected Home' TVC

Illustrations by Craig & Karl for Telstra

Still from '12 Days of Christmas'

Illustrations by Travis Price for Creative Production Services and Crown Entertainment

Jacky Winter shoots people (and they like it)

The Sarah Ewing Agency (SEA) joined forces with Jacky Winter in 2013, bringing along an arsenal of up-and-coming and internationally recognised photographers. Our onshore and offshore roster work across major advertising campaigns, editorial commissions and artistic conceptions to create waves both commercially and creatively.

More about Photography

V/line campaign by Paul Torcello

CommBank office mural photograph by James Newman

(Artwork by James Gulliver Hancock)

Portrait by Paul Torcello from ‘From the SEA’ collaborative project

Jacky Winter Spells It Out

We believe that good typeface development is crucial to contemporary textual communication. We see a custom typeface as a complex piece of software and represent artists who can create typefaces, as well as the technicians who can fine-tune them.

More about Type Design

Cover illustration by Toby and Pete for The Huffington Magazine Summer issue

10 Years of Monster Children logo by Bobby Haiqalsyuh

Woolworths 'Fresh Christmas' campaign by Gemma O'Brien

Jacky Winter gets their hands dirty

We understand that image-making isn’t just about pen on paper, or even pixel on screen anymore. It’s also about actual hand-based skills and individually crafted conceptions. Our artists have a unique range of artisanal skills that are as innovative and inventive as the briefs they are given.

More about Craft

Work in progress shot of Luke Lucas' work for the PRINT WEAVE MAKE event

Thrifty Car Rental 'Small Worlds' campaign by He She It They I

Kate Banazi screenprinting at Field Trip Sydney 2013

(Photograph by Megan Carew)

Jacky Winter Turns Words Into Pictures

Our storyboard artists and visualisers can explain that incredibly-complicated-idea that someone is trying to nut out through visual language. We can distil a vague and foggy plot into a pure, narrative-driven story or a technically complex play-by-play to sell as proof-of-concept.

More about Visualisation

Visualisation by The Sharp Brothers

Storyboard by Andries Maritz for Cadbury TVC

Storyboard by Andries Maritz for Smith's Maxx Chips

Jacky Winter keeps it real

We have been blazing trails in the contemporary illustration world since 2007, and boast an astonishing amount of talent and creative pizazz on our books. No project is too big or small, and no request is too weird. Our wings are dedicated to the particular expertise of particular disciplines, and our home turf is illustration.

More about Illustration

Illustration by Eirian Chapman for Boss Magazine

Packaging illustration by Rudi De Wet for Mountain Goat

Book illustrations by James Gulliver Hancock for Lonely Planet