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Julian Frost

Part of

The Perch

Julian Frost is an illustrator and animator. Julian enjoys trying to do a good job of making silly things. He recently received an email from an agency to tell him that he was the perfect choice to animate a poo for them.

He was 51% proud, 49% ashamed.

Julian likes things that are a bit strange, feature some black humour as well as some kindness.



Place of Birth:


Currently Living in:


Train, bus, bike, or other:

Ah yes, the lesser known precursor to Rock Paper Scissors.

What's the most important object in your studio?

The Internet. It giveth and It taketh away, but I couldn't do without Google image search.

Paper or Plastic?

The strangely unpopular forerunner of Train Bus Bike Other.

If you could resurrect one no longer living person to have lunch with, knowing you will have to return them to the grave right after coffee, who would it be?

My brother.

Preferred method of dealing with an encounter with an acquaintance whose name you can't remember.

Spotting them before they spot me, sprinting.

Why don't you flip the tortoise over, Leon?

I'm pretty sure it's your turn Martha.

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?


Favourite client so far?

Oh who really wants to play favourites? Still, Metro's "more violence please" feedback was a special moment.

Favourite imaginary client?

Novelty Prosthetics R Us

How does your mother describe your profession?

Photoshop Support Line, judging by many of our phone calls :-)

Coffee or tea?

Yes thank you, with soy if you've got it, I'm allergic to milk.

What's your earliest drawing memory?

I once tried to paint the breasts back onto a lingerie model in a catalogue when I was a kid. The first breast I painted pink, with black mixed in for the shadow. Naturally the colour was muddy and unrealistic, so I used reds and blues and yellows on the second to achieve much more lifelike tones. That catalogue page documented a pivotal moment in my artistic development. Unfortunately I left it in my pocket, and Mum discovered it in the washing basket. Fortunately it had fallen out of my pants, so I was able to blame it on my brother.

How do you prefer to spend your mornings?

Walking briskly through the frosty pines, whistling to my woodland friends. Just kidding. Playing DS in bed.

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